How to play Portal 2 levels in Steam Workshop

This is a quick tutorial explaining the steps to play the levels that are included in the Steam Workshop. This is linked in some projects in my portfolio.

Steam Workshop :: Portal 2

  1. Install Portal 2 in your Steam account.
  2. Go to the official page of the level in the Steam Workshop.
    1. At this point, you may already have the link to the level that you want to play. Check my portfolio to get the link and view the ones I designed.
  3. Click on the button + Subscribe+ Subscribe” to include the level in your queue. It will appear in your game.
  4. Open your game.
  5. Go to the main menu:
    2. Enter “Play Community Test Chambers“.
    3. Select the level you want to play (i.e. Competurn, Indirect Ctrl…).
    4. Click on “PLAY“!

That’s it. Have FUN!

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